Access more customers with Abacus' innovative Online Ordering

Abacus is at the forefront of providing innovative features that are changing the way the industry is accessing customers.  

We all know online ordering is a huge part of any hospitality business - but why pay Uber 35% of your revenue? Abacus have their very own online ordering offerings, and charge a fraction of the fees of the big online order aggregators. 

Here's just a few of the ways in which Abacus can help capture customer orders that the other point of sale systems just don't offer.  

Customer Table Ordering.

Abacus offers their Customer Table Ordering App that can be used by the customer at their table to order on their own.  We saw the initial adopters of this to be the Sushi Train style restaurants but now its moving into more mainstream restaurants.

Check out Authentic Bites in Northbridge or Sushi Wawa in Innaloo if you want to see this system in action, then call Cloudifi to let us help you design and build a fantastic Customer Table Ordering experience at your venue!

Online Web Store.

To start with Abacus offer Online Ordering via a fully hosted web site and payment gateway solution that can be integrated with your own web site and also your Abacus POS to send orders straight to your staff. 

IOS and Android Ordering App.

Alternately, Abacus offer a custom Apple and Android App branded in your own livery which can be downloaded by your customers. This App can then be used to place and pay for an order, which is sent directly to your Abacus POS to fulfil.

Imagine a customer sitting in a beer garden ordering and paying for another round of drinks themselves from their own phone and the order just popping up on your POS screen to prepare and deliver to them at their table!  

Only Abacus has this functionality available within their product.

Please contact us for a one on one demo in our demo cafe or to let us build a solution using Abacus for your business.




Andrew Wilmot
Andrew Wilmot