Cloudifi appointed an Authorised Verkada Partner

Cloudifi has recently been appointed as an Authorised Verkada Partner in Australia and we are excited to offer their Security Camera, Environmental Sensor and Access Control product range. 

Most businesses are invariably required to maintain a CCTV camera system but when it's needed to be called on find that getting video footage into the right hands can take hours, or might be impossible to do remotely.

It isn’t until they need to pull footage of a specific incident, that they discover a camera is down and their existing solutions are made up of a hodgepodge of different legacy systems, and the process of managing those systems is extremely inefficient and time-consuming.

Verkada's approach is simple. Footage is stored in both the camera and the cloud for redundancy. Everything is managed on a centralised platform, so visibility is streamlined and incident resolution takes just moments – with a few clicks, users can quickly find, share and archive clips.

Installation is simple as all the camera needs is a POE cable from the LAN - no supporting infrastructure or equipment (NVR) is required.  The cameras average 15mins per installation and once plugged in, they are accessible online immediately.

The administrator can access, archive and share historical or live footage in just seconds, wherever they are, on any device and if cameras experience downtime or tampering, you get notifications that alert you of the incident.

Verkada's “hybrid-cloud” approach ensures that there’s no single point of failure. In the event of network outages, cameras still record locally. When internet is reinstated, that stored footage is pushed to the cloud. As an end-user, you experience no gaps in coverage.

The solution is secure out of the box – there is no need to open ports or perform special configurations on the firewall. Updates deploy automatically, so your system is always compliant with the latest security requirements.  All backed by a 10 Year warranty on the hardware.

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Andrew Wilmot
Andrew Wilmot