Cisco Meraki

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi with Presence from Cisco Meraki. 

Presence (or Location Analytics) is a new feature of Meraki's networks which allows the measurement of walk-in versus walk-by foot traffic, dwell time of customers in stores, and return visits.  With the addition of analytics software\ and the integration of real-time sales data from a Point of Sale system retailers can use this data to measure the effectiveness of advertising, promotions and loyalty programs over time.  It is also useful to show the busiest periods of a day or week so that staff are rostered on at the appropriate times to meet customer demand.

Redundant Internet connections - Cloud apps are delivered from the Internet and whilst they often have an offline mode to allow you to continue transacting if the Internet connection drops, certain functions within the apps demand a connection to the Internet to update the backend database dynamically. The Meraki products we recommend support multiple pathways to the Internet, combining for example a traditional ADSL phone line connection, and a Telstra Mobile Data connection for automatic failover in the event that one connection is not available, meaning your business will never have downtime.

Multi-function gateway device  - we use and recommend the Meraki Z1 or MX64 gateways to all our retail and hospitality customers as they allow us to guarantee stability in your network so that your POS terminal, printers and other applications can always communicate with each other and the Internet. A device such as this combines a Switch, redundant Mobile Broadband Internet connection, and separate employee and guest public Wi-Fi with Facebook login for guests (great for social media marketing!).

Application and content control - an advanced application layer firewall to prevent access to certain applications and Internet content as desired by management, and advanced security features to prevent attacks on your business data are standard features of Meraki devices. The ability to manage a Meraki network from the Cloud, means Cloudifi can always remotely connect and modify what can be accessed for you immediately or just assist with simple management tasks such as resetting passwords, or troubleshoot if there are any problems with your Internet connection.

Mobile Device Management - Company data on Smart Phones and Tablets needs to be secured if it is not to fall into the wrong hands. If a mobile device is lost or stolen for example or when an employee resigns, the Meraki Systems Manager allows the Network Administrator to remotely wipe its content and applications, which safeguards a company's information from unauthorised use.

Cloudifi are certified to deploy and manage Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Networks.  From a single small store to a large national brand chain of stores, Meraki has a product to suit every customer and Cloudifi has the skills and experience to deploy a cutting edge wireless network for both employees and guest access to the Internet.

Some of our customers that we have deployed Meraki to in the hospitality space in Australia include Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster, Oporto, Dome Cafes and Banjos. These are amongst many other commercial and not-for-profit organisations in healthcare, technology, industry and aviation. 

More product information is available on the Cisco Meraki website and you can buy online at