Lightspeed Retail X is Cloud-based point of sale, inventory and customer loyalty software that makes it easy to manage and grow your business.


Lightspeed Retail X is a Cloud Point of Sale solution ideally suited to general retail where it's many great features make it a simple yet powerful POS system that streamlines your sales processes, inventory management and customer records, saving you time and money.

Key Features - It offers robust features in 3 key areas being Products and Inventory, Customer Loyalty and Reporting, yet is simply laid out and easy to use.  Besides being reliable, the team at Lightspeed have created an innovative product which is flexible enough to be used in a wide range of business types.

Seamless Integration - It integrates seamlessly with their own E-Commerce solution, and can utilise a wide variety of hardware - perhaps that you already own.  An iPad client is also available, which turns your iPad into a specialised Point of Sale device.

Efficient and Inexpensive - Lightspeed will save you time with automated end of day reconciliations and integration with Xero to remove laborious data entry chores.  It will save you money as it's Cloud based and you don't need an expensive server for it to run and all updates are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Secure - It's secure and is always backed up, meaning data loss is a thing of the past.  Lightspeed will even work off-line and then synchronise data to the Cloud when the Internet connection is restored!

Cloudifi is a Certified Lightspeed Expert Partner and we can provide a turn-key POS solution including the hardware, setting up Lightspeed, importing your inventory and training you on its use. We can also integrate Lightspeed with Xero and Shopify, or other Cloud apps if you also run a business that sells to wholesale customers. We've done the research and know what works, what devices to use, and how the integration of Lightspeed, Xero and Shopify can change the way a retailer works for the better! 

More information is available at the Lightspeed website.