Abacus POS is an Australian Developed Cloud Point of Sale Solution suited for use in both hospitality and retail stores such as cafes, restaurants, bars, delis, supermarkets, and quick service restaurants and we are their exclusive agent in Perth.

Abacus the better alternative to Kounta POS in Perth due to its Native IOS App architecture (read more about this here), speed and ease of use, rich feature set including true off-line mode, scanner and scale integrations, and more importantly LOCAL SUPPORT from Cloudifi! 

Abacus POS is designed exclusively for the Apple iPad platform -  including the iPad Mini, iPad 9.7, iPad 10.2, and new iPad Pro 12.9. The POS screen will run totally offline and is not dependent on the Internet being online, meaning there is no perceptible difference to the way it performs if the Internet is down.  When the Internet comes back online, your data will synch with the Cloud automatically.

Add On Integrations - Abacus integrates seamlessly with Xero, Deputy, Tanda, Zuus, Tyro, and Westpac merchant facilities. It differs to other Cloud POS solutions in that it has a more extensive range of functions built right into it meaning you deal with only one Vendor for everything related to your Point of Sale system.

Unique features that no other POS solution offers - The list of unique capabilities of Abacus is extensive!  Can your existing POS solution offer in-built Loyalty rewards, Gift cards, Vouchers, Customer Self-ordering Console, Customer Facing Display, Online Ordering and Smartphone Apps, Built in Business Intelligence and advanced Kitchen Display (Bump) Screens? 

Stock (Inventory) Control - Abacus offers a robust inventory management solution that can be enabled on a product by product basis.  It allows you to create recipes to deduct stock as you sell it from one or more products linked to a sales item. Always know how much beer is left in that keg!  You can also manage multiple warehouses or stock locations and transfer stock between sites.

Single Platform - Abacus is single software platform with one login to access all the modules you’ll need for your business without ever having to depend on a third party entity. Avoid dealing with multiple providers and inconsistent interfaces. With Abacus POS, all modules can be seamlessly integrated with informative, centralised reports.

Anywhere, Anytime - Get up to date information anywhere, anytime. Abacus is cloud based for better efficiency, ease of management and convenience. Plus you’ll never have to worry about backing up your data again. You can monitor sales and generate comprehensive reports in real time from any laptop or smart phone for valuable insight into your business whilst on the go!

Cloudifi is a Certified Abacus Partner and their exclusive agent in Perth. We offer you the complete Abacus package including hardware, specialised set up and training. We have the skills, experience and training to be effective Abacus implementers that can also offer you ongoing technical support. We've done the research and know what works, what devices to use, and how the integration of Abacus and Xero can change the way you work for the better!

Subscription Pricing

Consulting, setup or installation services performed by Cloudifi will be charged for at our hourly rates in addition to the monthly subscription costs.

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