Cloud Applications – the modern way of working.

Carefully selected Cloud applications and services make a business more efficient by replacing manual processes or legacy software with an easy to use system that is delivered over the Internet and accessible anywhere from any device. They reduce costs as are billed as a small monthly fee and don’t require a big upfront investment in software or hardware. This new technology is changing the face of IT and providing amazing opportunities to simplify work processes and manage infrastructure in businesses of all types.

How will this help my business?

Cloudifi can provide Cloud based systems on which to run your business encompassing point of sale, on-line sales, accounting, and inventory management depending on your requirements. In most cases your organisation can access all the applications necessary to manage your entire operations from the Cloud. You can obtain the freedom to work anywhere at anytime, get rid of laborious data entry and get instant insight into how your business is operating.

Solutions for Retail, Hospitality, Education and Commercial environments.

Quite simply, we are specialists in Cloud-delivered Point of Sale and solutions that allow a business to transact with and offer service to patrons, as well as the network infrastructure that supports these functions. An example might be a Point of Sale solution for a retail or hospitality business integrated with Xero for accounting, a wireless network that allows your guests access to the Internet or perhaps a physical camera security or sensor solution.

Mobile Device Management.

If your business has personal or organisation-owned iPads, or other mobile devices in the hands of staff we can provide a solution to ensure that your information remains secure in the event of a lost or stolen device. With the technology available it is possible to remotely install or remove access to applications, change passwords and even wipe a device entirely of its contents where required to safeguard an organisation's information.

Wireless Networking.

Cloudifi recommends Telstra's NextG mobile network for it’s speed and coverage when using Cloud-based applications from mobile devices on the road to ensure you always have Internet access where you are working. Within your business we can design, construct and support a secure, PCI compliant WiFi network with in-built redundant Internet connections. We have our very own Captive Portal solution in Cloudifi Guest Connect that offers a Meraki integrated Guest Hotspot and control of WiFi network usage.

Physical Security.

Verkada offer a unique and innovative range of Camera, Sensor, and Door Access Control devices that are managed from the Cloud and offer features that make monitoring the security and staff of an organisation easier than ever before. Camera footage can be searched from anywhere on time, movement, colours, faces, and number plate data. There are a variety of cameras for both indoors and outdoors, as well as sensors that can detect temperature, humidity, air quality, vaping, noise and motion. 

Supply, Installation, Training and Support.

Let us focus on delivering your business a system whilst you focus on running your business! Our services include consulting with you on your requirements and assisting with product selection, supplying the applications and hardware, setting up the software to suit your way of working, managing your data, training your staff and providing ongoing support.