The POS Market in the new decade

It's hard to believe that this year we celebrate our 7th year in business - that time has gone fast!  Cloudifi has now installed Abacus POS for over 180 customers and has helped over 30 retailers get set up on the Vend platform. 

We continue to assist several customers with Abacus or Vend installations every month, demonstrating how popular Cloud Point of Sale has become over the years - and that it continues to grow. 

We believe this is also testament to our skills in this space and the trust we have built with our customers - many of whom are repeat clients. We offer unmatched expertise and experience in Hospitality and Retail Consulting, Information Technology, Accounting and Retail in Perth.  See our profiles for more info.

Recently we have seen the landscape change with the maturation of the POS offerings from the many vendors in this space and the recent change in economic conditions where value for money is being looked at more closely than ever.

The types of customers we are dealing with are changing from the once many small coffee shops with a single register, to customers that have a requirement for something more scalable, fully featured, robust, and supported - but that still is Cloud based. 

Unfortunately for us 'Square POS' has become the darling of the do-it-yourself small retailer, market pop-up or coffee shop owner because of their attractive packaging and no monthly fee for the software. They charge only based on a Merchant Fee when customers pay by card.

One needs to realise however that with Merchant Fees of 1.6-1.9%, Square can be expensive when your turnover grows. In comparison, the fees from Tyro for example work out around 1.1%. Even if you then add in the monthly fee for the Abacus software you can be way in front with Abacus POS!

Don't forget there are also other advantages of using Abacus or Vend. They offer a much more advanced feature set, the ability to scale as your business grows and coupled with local support here in Perth from Cloudifi, it's clear that they should always be a consideration for your new POS solution.

As both vendors' Premier Partner in Perth, we welcome customers to come into our offices' demo room and experience Abacus or Vend in a full mock-up working environment.  Here we can run through all the features and benefits, and you will leave understanding exactly how everything fits together to form a complete solution. 

Cloudifi supplies the POS hardware, network, software, expertise, set-up and support services to get your POS solution and accounting back end sorted in one step, leaving you free to focus on the fun part of your new business - crafting your own offering for your customers!

Contact us to talk about your next project or to book in for a demo today.


Andrew Wilmot
Andrew Wilmot