Abacus POS update for 2019

Welcome to 2019!  I'd like to thank our loyal customers in Perth as we now have over 150 customers using Abacus POS in WA, from cafes, retail businesses, breweries, restaurants and racecourses through to several new quick service restaurant franchises that are making their debut in Australia. We continue to offer hospitality technology consulting, new POS installations, hardware sales and local support.

Abacus POS is the most innovative on the market, delivering a front of house experience that is second to none and a comprehensive back end full of innovative features such as in-built Gift Cards and Loyalty and it integrates well with Deputy for Rostering, and Xero for Accounting. Take a look at how Chicking in Perth and Applecross, Juicy Bao Bao in Northbridge, Authentic Bites in Allendale Square and Zensaki at QV1 use it to keep the orders turning over in their busy lunch time service periods next time you visit them. 

Abacus POS being a Native IOS app, is unlike it's competitor Kounta that uses html5 (basically a fancy web page sitting as a skin on the Safari browser). For this reason Abacus offers stability, speed and usability benefits including a true OFFLINE mode that allows all the POS workstations and Kitchen Screens to continue to work if the Internet goes down. Kounta just can't do that and its one of the reasons we continue to convert our old Kounta customers over to Abacus! But don't take my word for it - read about why Native Mobile Apps are better here.

On the EFTPOS front, Abacus paired with Westpac's Presto Smart terminal now offers redundancy like no other payment solution. The integration between these two means that if your main internet connection is down, integrated Card payments can still be made, its a clever solution and you get the benefit of Westpac's great rates!  The Abacus POS iPad communicates directly with the Presto Smart terminal, that can then contact the Westpac cloud via its built-in 4G mobile data connection.  

Some customers have asked us recently how we can download Abacus directly from a web link when we install it and also have updates delivered simply by clicking the 'Update App' button within the POS, without having to log into the Appstore and download it from there. The reason is because Abacus has an Enterprise agreement with Apple to be able to publish their software this way - its certainly not illegal as some of our competitors have been saying to put potential customers off using Abacus.

Abacus is also available on the App Store if you do want to download it as any Apple Certified Vendor is, but the most up to date version is delivered from within the App, straight to your iPad. This provides Abacus with the ability to rapidly provide new features or bug fixes, without having to wait on Apple approving every App store release that can take up to two weeks. Its just another example of the innovative approach Abacus takes.

I wish our customers all the best for 2019, and look forward to meeting new business owners and assisting with your hospitality and retail technology needs this year.  Please contact us if you'd like to book a demo of Abacus at our centrally located office in North Perth!


Andrew Wilmot
Andrew Wilmot