FREE Web Online Ordering

We have been receiving a lot of enquiries about online ordering from our customers in response to the change in business conditions brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Abacus are now offering their web ordering portal FREE to customers for self provisioning (or we can do it for you if you like at our standard hourly rates.)

The Abacus Online Ordering portal delivers orders from your customers directly into your Abacus POS, where you can choose to accept orders which sends them for processing and notifies the customer along the way. 

Payment is captured at the time of order when the customer pays via credit card using the AbacusPay gateway.

You can get started by clicking on the link in the green banner at the top of the page when you log into back office.

See below:

Abacus Online Ordering


Other configuration options are available on the left under 'Online Ordering'.

An example store is here :

The Help Desk Doco for Online Ordering is here :

You need to ensure you are on the latest version of Abacus on all POS terminals - download it by going to Safari on the ipad and entering the URL:

There are options for pick-up and delivery within the ordering portal.  You can request one or more of these options to be disabled if need be.

The Web Ordering Portal for self provisioning is free, but there is a fee for Abacus Pay gateway which is a Transaction Cost of 1.75% + 10c, plus a Platform Fee of 1.9% of the order value.  (3.65% +10c Total).